Celebrating 25 Years of Living!

So yeah, I have to say turning 25 on the 3rd of May was slightly daunting, starting to feel the real pressures of adulthood…wait a minute..no I’m not! I’m still really young, don’t have THAT many responsibilities and living life to the max..so it’s all gravy!

Anyway I had a very busy weekend of celebrations and this is it:

Thurs: The Lion King Musical in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre and I recieved my AMAZ present!


Yay I can be one of those cool retro kids now! hahaha I’ve been wanting a record player for AGES and the boy did good! I love it..!

Fri (and actual Day of Birth) : Din Dins with himself nomnomnom in a delished French restaurant, then we headed over to see Alt-J in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin!

Really great fun, their album Awesome Wave won the Mercury Prize in 2012, unreal for a debut album! Really interesting band, but they didn’t really interact with the crowd which is nb to any Irish audience!

Alt J pic

MotsSat: I was told to be ready to leave my house at 3pm and my two besties Sara Fawsitt (who lives in Spain and I hadn’t seen her since Christmas) and Sarah Carroll arrived at my front door to whisk me into Dublin’s fair city to get merry in the sunshine!

Then we hit up a lovely BBQ for another friends birthday, the fabulous Lady Brady!

Then back into town in a taxi with some banging tunes, to catch our friends gig in Whelans, then lolled the night away, singing jungle book on the streets en route to The Workmans Club, where we saw another band and had the absolute craic!

Italian Quater lols!Italian Quater

HIGHLIGHT: We decided to stuff our faces at around 3am so to Di Fontaines we went, where the dancing continued and infact we got everyone involved! Even the chef was into it in the pizzarea! Socks being danced off while munching away on delish and suprisingly large slices of pizza!

Sun: Me and the girls went back into Dublin to enjoy the amzing sun with lovely food and drinks! Onto THE smallest bar in Dublin, Button factory, JJ’s and back to Whelans!! Finished up in Roma II of course for a bitta grub!!

Mon: DELICATE DAY in the sunshine..bbq and fam buzz: delish!

Tues: On the Ryan Tubridy Radio Show, with a very horse voice (awks!), talking bout Glenroe and Child Stars that have gone off the rails, which you can check out right here : Under ‘Child Stars – Where are they now?’

Sure Listen, it was only a fantastic few days altogether!

B x


Heather-y Heathers being all Heather like!

The May Bank Holiday saw a massive insurgence of bands playing all over Dublin for the Camden Crawl festival, lots of home grown talent as well as a few from further afield!

It was a great aul weekend now I have to say, and I was lucky enough to catch up with Heathers, twin sisters Ellie and Louise who are very very lovely and planning on becoming crazy cat ladies in the years to come!

Their music is amazing. My fav song is Forget Me Knots !! This was written by the duo after a close friend had taken their own life, the video is beautiful and the first time I heard the song it brought a tear to my eye. UNREAL!

So I was lucky enough to meet these two ladies ahead of their gig at the Camden Crawl.:

Two absolute gems x



Band Tee’s are the Bee’s Knee’s!

YaY…my favourite season of all is coming up: FESTIVAL SEASON!! And let’s face it, every festival goer needs to have band tee shirt, even if you’re not that into the band, although it helps if you know a song or two so when the irritable genuine fan comes up to you, and says ‘I bet you don’t even listen to their music’ you can be all.. ‘Well actually I love so many of their tunes! X Y and Z! BOOM in your face real fan!

Anyway..totally went off on a tangent there! So I was in Dublin city and this happened to me:


One word: UNCOOL!

So €80 later and while waiting for my car to be de-clamped I decide to cheer myself up and purchase an amazo band tee…

Beasty boysbeastyPlease note that I am indeed an genuine Beastie Boys fan!


I bought it in Top Shop and I am bleedin delire with meself! Broke, but happy! Moral of the story, new things make me happy.

B x

Denim, Aztec Print and Tee’s…what more could a girl want?

I can’t believe it! The sun was actually shinning today here in Ireland and it got me in the mood for shorts! So I had a root around for my trusty vintage Levi’s denim shorts! They’ve lasted me years at this point and years for whoever owned them before me so they are defo worth the investment! I bought  mine from the Urban Renewal section in Urban Outfitters and they are a staple piece in my wardrobe (€40 ish)!  I’ve teamed them with an aztec print 3/4 sleeve top from Pull and Bear  (€20 ish) and another staple of mine, 10 denier tights (€6 from Primark/Penny’s)! It might be sunny but it aint warm!

Full length mirror shot

Another fav of mine are tee-shirt’s with unusual prints or cool images, this black tee-shirt below was hand printed by an Irish artist Claire Byrne and I came across her Face Book page and decide I had to buy not one but two of her tops! (€15 ish)

Denim shorts Tee U mag

That strange fleck of gold to the right is my Casio watch, which I bought in Argos for around €20 and my oxeblood leather boots are from Top Shop, around €120, and the necklace is from Shutterbug boutique in Kilkenny and was around €25.  All in all not bad!


Circle Shades

Ahhhh but of course the circular shades that are taking the world by storm as we speak and I for one and thrilled by their sneaky take over! I don’t know about you but finding the right size frames can be hard, particularly if you’ve a fairly small head like myself. I have been trying on loads of different shape and sizes, none being quite right, especially when you’re boyfriend is with you saying ‘Eh why are you trying on goggles?’.

However for our anniversary, we decided instead of going over the top with gifts we’d set ourselves a challenge! And I like a good challenge, even more so if it involves shopping as it’s my number one hobby! Anyway we were in a shopping centre and decided to part ways for one whole hour to return with a gift for one another costing under 10 euro!

And even though he hates them and thinks they look like googles, he came back with these bad boys! Thanks Charlie x

U Magazine! 100% Irish

I’ve had quite a busy couple of weeks so that’s why I havn’t updated my blog. Alas I am here now and updating away! So this week was particularly exciting for me because I feature in one of Irelands favourite glossy mags!   U mag  I was delighted when Denise Clarke, the deputy editor of U Magazine, got   in touch to see if I’d like to take part in a piece called ‘Inside My Wardrobe’. I was asked about my fashion sense and what outfits I’d wear on certain occasions, as well as my must haves and my lust list! So here’s a few bits and bobs from the piece, but make sure you pick up a copy of U Magazine to see it in full (Plus you’ll be over joyed to hear that Cara Delevingne is in it and if you’re anything like me then you’ll have a massive girl crush on her!)


Denise and her lovely photographer Peter came out to my house and got a sneak peek at my closet, skeletons and all!


When asked what some of my fav pieces were I had to say my graphic tee-shirts! I am obsessed with them at the moment, you can throw them on with jeans, skirts, shorts….anything really!

As I said…if you want to see more pictures from inside my closet and all the answers to their questions pick up this fortnights issue of U Magazine!

My Paddy’s day in LANDAN INNIT!

Well now on my last trip to London I spoke of the giant creatures I encountered..and as promised I would get some photographic evidence of their gigantism… Behold…the giant rabbit:


Now I don’t know about you, but I for one have never seen a rabbit chill out in this fashion..I dig it tho!

Now for my next giant encounter…this will take two photo’s to portray the actual size.

Check out the size of this mad yoke!

ste snail

I am of course referring to African land snail in my friend, Stephen’s hand, not Stephen himself!

And here’s a close up for your personal enjoyment…one word: BLUEGH!


Gave me a serious case of the heebie jeebies!

(I did encounter another very large creature over the weekend..keep reading)

Once I’d had my dose of the giant animals it was time to get down to Paddy’s day business. So out came the green and the musical instruments for an aul session before we all painted the town green (lol). Luckily enough my friend Stephen, who’s in a band called Raglans , can play any song known to man and Phil was a dab hand on the harmonica so we had a bitta classic Irish craic before we hit the road!


My friend Leanne and I were well on our way at this stage….

me and pee gree

Now it has to be said, it wasn’t all fun and games, the real reason I was in London over the weekend was because of work! Very important work indeed! GI Joe Retaliation is out soon and I got to interview a few of the stars; Adrienne Palicki (and I’ll tell you what, there wasn’t anything icky about her!) DJ Cotrona (stone cold FOX) Byung-Hun Lee (Martial artist and one of the 4 Korean Kings, as in really famous, not actual royalty) , the director Jon M. Chu ( extremely sweet and sound) and last but by no means least, the incredibly large and tanned Dwayne Johnson A.K.A. THE ROCK!

me and the rock

…and yes I am aware of the milk like colour of my skin but what can you do! It’s emphasized more by his delish tan!

Oh my God I just noticed my head is actually the same size as his shoulder! Gas craic altogether! Anyway he was incredibly nice, really genuine and full of chat! I was nervous before I went in to meet him but he was but that was quickly defused by his demeanor..ONLY JOKING! I was SH%*$ing myself but I got through it and the interview will be up soon so stay tuned!

and here’s the cherry on the cake.. he tweeted me!!!! ME!! Yes sent moi a tweet (after I had tweeted him of course..it’s not like he searched me or anything but non the less, we bonded!

and yes I did take a screen grab!

The Rock Tweet

Yup..I’m gona meet him down the road….now if only I knew which one?

The end of my LANDAN INNIT weekend!

And So I Watch You From Afar…

And so I watch you from afarI had a chat with these guys from Belfast not so long ago and decided it would be a  great idea the chill out..ontop of them!

But don’t worry, that’s not all I did, I actually spoke to them too! They are really chilled out, down to earth chaps with a brand new album out call ‘All Hail Bright Futures’ . They’ve toured all over the world and are doing us proud..anyway enough outa me…check out the interview!

and you can keep up with the lads on twitter @ASIWYA_BAND